Productivity Solutions

Mobile Endpoint Devices (MEDs) are multiplying as inexpensive access points to existing Enterprise assets.  Typically MEDs are used for email, web browsing, presentations, briefings, document viewing and for Virtual Desktops.  Intelligent Decisions is on the forefront of these deployments helping agencies build mobile strategies that start with core business drivers that match the mobility solutions profile for security, cost and solutions. 

Since the mobile landscape is moving at such an incredible pace, we help our clients keep pace by deploying what they can now, with plans to expand in the future as the landscape becomes more robust and the culture more mobile centric.  This transition typically involves Agile deployments of key mobile apps, either in cross platform HTML5 or native apps.  We help our clients utilize the amazing mobile technologies that exist today, without tying them to solutions and devices that will obsolete in a matter of months.