Custom Enterprise Application Store

Apple pioneered the concept of an App Store to distribute applications to mobile endpoint devices, with astounding success on the consumer realm.  The corollary technology for the corporate world is the Enterprise App store, which is in its infancy, but will end up being a crucial key for the organization.  Deploying the latest applications on the growing number of Enterprise Mobility Endpoint devices, will unlock the critical business processes for the mobile workforce.

In order to become the tour de force that the App store has become on the commercial side, the Enterprise App Store has to evolve significantly.  Intelligent Decisions works with our clients to build a device independent app store that is tied into the IT policy.  Once a user logs into the Enterprise App store, the profile of that person is used to configure what is displayed on the App store.  Only Apps that are appropriate to the users role in the company and for each of the devices that the user is known to have.  It is likely, especially in the future, that users will have a corporate smart phone and a tablet and a  laptop all of which the Enterprise App store will know and will present the appropriate options based on which device the user is currently running to access the App Store.  It only makes sense that a smart phone, has a smart App store!