ID Optimize: Communications Module

Communications systems are constantly changing. Many tactical systems are mobile, meaning that a different set of variables are acting on the quality of the communications at every turn.  Additionally, todays complex networks are constantly being upgraded to new levels of optimization and security, which may effect the overall quality of end to end communications. 

IDOptimize: Communications Module provides mission focused end users and warfighters with the ability to track shift and drift of quality of time in order to hold their network providers to a higher Services Level Agreement.  The system is a simple, push button interface that provides immediate feedback in terms of situational awareness about the current quality of any end-to-end comm link.  The system also records a large number of environmental and link-specific variables in order to develop long term trend analysis and isolate key factors of the network or the environment that may be causing trouble today or trending towards a problem tomorrow.  For the first time the end user can determine their current communication link quality (including different crypto level communication quality) and track the effectiveness of their provider.