Agile Development

Successful application development is more about delivering capabilitie that can be continually improved over time in an iterative manner rather than the traditional feature-based, monolithic, siloed approaches that have failed in the past. Intelligent Decisions embraces these Agile principles in our solutions and combines them with our market position as a vendor neutral integrator to provide a truly objective solution that will serve the client, today and into the future. 

Our engineering teams are small, dynamic, interactive and multi-disciplinary. By combining management skills (PMBOK and CMMI level 3 rated), with our engineer's architecture level knowledge, we are able create solutions faster than more traditional approaches.  Our approach starts with small, actionable functionality based on COTS integration, rather than attempting to achieve a utopian requirements document through an infinite cycle of requirements definition.  We understand that our client's time is extremely valuable, which is why we choose to spend it doing thorough integration, testing and improving resulting in a usable product fielded quickly to address the most drastic needs, and then build additional value through ancillary features.  The end result is a dynamic and cost-effective solution delivered in a short time-frame.