U.S. Army to Use First-Ever, Fully Immersive Virtual Simulation Training for American Soldiers

New, Dynamic Simulation Training Will Help Increase Quality of Instruction and Combat Preparedness, While Reducing Traditional Training Expenses

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May 25, 2011 (Orlando, FL) - The U.S. Army will be using the first-ever, fully immersive virtual simulation training program for soldiers, according to an announcement made today by Intelligent Decisions, Inc., a premier global technology solutions provider. Specifically, the new Dismounted Soldier Training System will enable U.S. soldiers, leaders and units to train in a virtual environment to increase the quality of instruction and combat preparedness, while at the same time reducing traditional training expenses associated with large-scale instruction facilities. Implementation of the cutting-edge system will be led by the Army’s Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation. Intelligent Decisions will spearhead development of the $57 million system and its key partners include Advanced Simulation Research, AVT Simulation, L-3 Link, and RealTime Immersive. Please note that this task order was awarded through Intelligent Decision’s prime Army PEO STRI Omnibus Contract (STOC II).

The Dismounted Soldier Training System provides the rigor and realism needed to execute tough and demanding training in full spectrum operations for current and future soldiers in all five operational themes, including major combat operations, irregular warfare, peace operations, limited intervention and peacetime military engagement, as well as offense, defense, stability and civil support. The training system also allows leaders to plan and execute individual and collective tasks in a challenging virtual environment with squads or teams conducting multiple iterations to achieve training objectives and maximize training time.

“The goal of Dismounted Soldier is to provide our deploying soldiers with the best available training to ensure that they maintain the military advantage,” said Intelligent Decisions’ President and CEO Harry Martin. “Intelligent Decisions is uniquely qualified to respond to the constantly evolving needs of our armed forces through virtual simulation and training and we look forward to working closely with the Army to achieve their strategic vision. Without question, the Army will be the ultimate influencer and decision maker for the system so that we can realize their long-term goals.”

The Dismounted Soldier Training Environment

Fully Immersive Graphics and Technology: The Dismounted Soldier Training System uses CryENGINE® to provide a fully immersive environment with photorealistic graphics and technology that enable soldiers to virtually interact with their physical environment and to use combat equipment such as weapons, scopes and munitions. Soldiers use natural motions just as they would in a live environment to perform complex motion maneuvers, such as leaning around or under an obstacle, as well as arm and hand signals to communicate with others.

In addition, the system provides the ability to show human expressions for fear, anger and aggression because a blank, expressionless face has little training value and can actually introduce negative training. Built-in physics support the human eye, thermal, night vision, laser and Infrared Optics, providing the basis for supporting all of the necessary virtual scopes, sights and optics.

Dismounted Soldier accurately simulates the movement of ground vehicles, aircraft, dismounted infantry and guided weapons. The training system also conforms visually with the environment by identifying such elements as footprints, disturbed soil and grass, rolling terrain and dense vegetation.

The training system offers highly realistic precipitation, wind, and storm effects, along with lifelike atmospheric light propagation, light scattering, and movie-quality scene lighting that provide the soldier with a sense of realism not achieved with most modern image generators.

360 Degree Surround Sound: An immersive 360 degree surround sound field is provided by the Dismounted Soldier Training System to totally envelop the soldier. Dynamic sounds automatically react in a complex manner to parameters like distance, time-of-day or battle noise through advanced real time digital signal processing effects.

Munitions impact sounds are accurate in spatial location and transmission and also match the characteristic sounds of impacts with specific materials. The system allows soldiers to identify sound sources, such as the type of weapon and vehicles like trucks, tanks and cars.

Avatar Soldier Injury: The Dismounted Soldier Training System is able to estimate and gauge the effects of the injuries that the soldier sustains in the virtual environment. Injuries can be sustained from direct or indirect fire – either from impact munitions such as bullets or grenades, or explosive effects like nearby detonations of Improvised Explosive Devices, or IEDs.

Immediate Performance Feedback: The soldiers training in the Dismounted Soldier Training System are given immediate feedback on their performance. The After Action Review (AAR) records all relevant data during the training scenario including tactical voice and radio communications, movement techniques, weapons positions, critical events, and engagements. After the training scenario a facilitator is then able to replay events, zoom from 2D and 3D views within the recorded scene, and display key statistics. The facilitator is able to then point out any deficiencies in meeting the training and mission objectives.

Out-of-the-Box Ready Training System

The Dismounted Soldier Training System is an innovative, out-of-the-box ready system with a flexible, portable and transportable design that can be installed in a fixed or mobile facility in under four hours. The system reduces the traditional expenses associated with large instruction facilities where travel and location maintenance are required. In addition, Dismounted Soldier meets the latest in training needs of today’s leaders and their soldiers by increasing productivity and shortening conventional content and scenario development time.

Intelligent Decisions’ Simulation and Training

Intelligent Decisions’ Simulation and Training Division is located in Orlando, FL. The facility houses the management and development team for the Dismounted Soldier Training System. Members of the company’s simulation and training division have managed and/or developed many of the current training systems in use today across the live, virtual, and constructive domains.

RealTime Immersive, Inc., a simulation and serious games studio established to support CryENGINE® licensees in the serious game and simulation market space, is partnering with Intelligent Decisions to implement and support Dismounted Soldier. CryENGINE® is well-known within the serious gaming industry for its multi-award winning graphics, physics and artificial intelligence that ultimately immerse individuals in a visual environment.