Enterprise Tablet Bundle

Tablets have exploded onto the IT landscape and while they create a wonderful new niche, they bring with them serious management difficulties.  Tablets and smart phones are unique in the Enterprise IT world because while they provide extremely valuable end user solutions, these adoptions are being driven by the end users and not the IT departments.   This is causing no end of headache when rogue devices or raw consumer devices are purchased.  Taken directly off-the-shelf, these devices are not ready to enter into the Enterprise.  They lack the security, management, applications, configuration and asset tracking required of all other end point devices in the Enterprise. 

Intelligent Decisions, recognizing the budget pressures exerted on today’s IT organization, has created an Enterprise Table Bundle including a preconfigured tablet that is ready to be introduced into the Enterprise without requiring any work on the part of the IT support organization.  The tablets are Enterprise ready, loaded with specified applications, configured according to IT policy, loaded with Mobile Device Management (MDM) software, configured for corporate email for an individual and asset tracked on the MDM  portal.  This solution exemplifies our focus on the exceedingly short lifecycle of mobility solutions. With a typical device lifecycle of about 12 months, even one month of delay waiting to be deployed can cause a significant loss in productivity.