ID Optimize

IDOptimize logoToday's cyber security threats and exploits are ever increasing in complexity, both in how they are launched and detected. Log and audit data must be captured, correlated, and analyzed to determine if an event is underway.  What cyber-analysts need is a common operating picture (COP) that allows them quickly and visually identify an incident so that they can begin to take the proper response and recovery actions.

IDOptimize (IDO), which was adopted by DISA to protect Senior Leader Command, Control & Communications (C3) Systems and coined the "DISA Air Mobility Test Suite" demonstrates ID's understanding of challenging communications requirement for testing different components of networks. IDO provides immediate feedback to warfighters and business owners in plain language, while providing cyber-analysts with deep dive information regarding shift and drift of their networks at the endpoints.  IDO has several modules that accomplish different levels of communcation and security testing. Each module is a combination of software and hardware that is configurable to meet the demands of the end user. The modules are extended using custom workflows that match the requirements of the mission in order to provide a simple user interface to the operator with minimal training, while collecting volumes of information for analysis and trending by experts and professionals allow incident responders to quickly determine if an incident has occurred, and a course of action.