Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows users to house their operating system, applications and data on a central server versus their local desktop. Users are able to access their work via the Internet and mobile devices regardless of their physical location.  The VDI environment consists of desktop virtual environment using thin-clients to support virtual machines (VMs).  Virtualized application presentation provides legacy app services, as well as shared resources, or other apps that are not part of the standard desktop image(s). In addition, virtual desktops automatically update and back-up, resulting in decreased energy usage and lower administrative costs.  Finally, there is no resident data left on the thin client device, making it the perfect solution to avoid the challenges of Data At Rest (DAR) encryption by keeping all data secure on the server, as well as supporting Bring Your Own Device and other mobile device-based initiatives.

Intelligent Decisions offers an array of features targeted at making virtual desktop deployments more economically feasible, reliable and productive. These solutions can scale up from a small group of workers to tens of thousands of users.  In addition to reducing the cost of the desktop machine, the management of images, patches and updates is also drastically improved.